Are your sales champions spending too much time on generating new leads?

Is your organization suffering from stagnant sales and poor business performance?

Is your lead generating engine struggling to get new prospects for your business?

Do Not Worry! Precise ERP Leads is here to help

Selecting a right ERP has never been an easy process for any company, investing in an ERP is a big decision for any organization and this decision stays with them for years together, with so many options available and increasing number of failures in ERP implementation the prospects are ever cautious and make the selection process quite painful for every participating ERP vendor.

An average time a prospect spends in selecting an ERP is anywhere between 3 - 9 months, if long sales cycle was not the only challenge ERP vendors faced, there were RFPs, multiple demos and PoC, competition with lower priced competitors, squeezed margins, budget cuts, termination and penalty clause and the list goes on.

The above may not be in your control as an ERP vendor but the best way to deal with these scenarios is to have many such scenarios running at a given point of time, so that your sales can close more often, we understand the challenges of ERP vendors and are here to support, we as your ERP lead generating partner will:

  • Provide qualified ERP leads with information on Budget, Decision Makers, Time-lines, Industry and Competition

  • Run marketing campaign specific to your requirement

  • Invite customers to industry specific events on your behalf

  • Train your inside sales teams

  • and more...

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