Outsourcing ERP Lead Generation

Outsourcing telemarketing services can help your organization augment your sales pipelines. At Precise outsourcing, we can meet all your telemarketing requirements, our wide range of offshore telemarketing services include, inbound customer services, outbound research, telemarketing prospecting and outbound lead generation.

We only focus on generating ERP leads and our team of associates are well trained to position your offerings and unearth the gems for you in your specific area of interest. Finding qualified ERP leads is a complex process, one can get lucky by calling a prospect at the right time when they have already seen few ERP demos, but a chance of getting such easy prospects are 1 in 500, to find and qualify an ERP lead the inside sales agent has to do a complete account mapping, talk to couple of stake-holders, find out about the current software used, understand the pain points and then create a need by benefit selling, only then the leads are categorized as truely "Qualified"


Superior processes and technology are fundamental, but people are the heart of great service. Our agents know how to maximize every point of contact and convert calls to sales opportunities. 

Like you, we are obsessed with driving sales through exceptional service. We have big company capabilities to help you reach new markets around the globe without sacrificing the quality and individual attention you need to take sales and loyalty programs to the next level.

We recruit the best call centre agents. Then we help them learn about your products and brand, sharpen their skills and prepare them to handle the toughest deals, most challenging competitive questions and the highest-volume sales periods.

We will be happy to discuss your requirement and offer a solution, our pricing for leads outsourcing services ranges from $8 to $12 per hour, we set up expectations and KPI's and then generate leads for you based on your area of expertise in your specified industries.

So if you are a ERP vendor looking to support your sales teams and add more leads to your ERP funnel, reach out to us to discuss your requirement and know more about our offerings.

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