Precise Dynamics Leads

​If you are one of the thousands of Microsoft Dynamics partner who sell and implement the various forms of Dynamics ERP, we know the challenges you face in your sales process, when a prospects thinks of evaluating Dynamics ERP and they look for prospective partners, within no time they have multiple options to choose from and this situation is very much in favour of the customer as they get to choose the best partner and also get the best deal due to the price-wars, however, what looks like a best deal may turn into a bad one if implementing partner compromises on quality and has to cut corners due to the cost pressure and project running over the estimated time. There are many such cases where the customers are not very happy with the existing partners or are not supported by any partner at all. Also, it has been noted that not all customers are using the ERP to its full potential, there is always some scope of improvement with some additional handholding, the good news is that today there are more than 200,000 MS Dynamics (AX, NAV, GP, CRM, RMS) customers and  these customers can be potential target for various unique services that every partners has to offer, as they already have trusted Dynamics in the past and are comfortable using it.

With Precise Dynamics Lead Program we "Connect the Dynamics customers - with the right partners - for the right solutions" with our ongoing reserach have identified many organizations using Dynamics Solutions (AX, NAV, GP, CRM, RMS) in 35 plus countries in Middle East, Africa and Europe

These customers can be potential business prospects for: 

  • Support: Onsite/ offshore, which could lead to:

  • Additional Licenses: Sell them additional users and renew their BREP 

  • Upgrades: To the latest versions (Ex:  AX 2009, 2012 R3 to D365 F&O etc.)

  • Migrate: To new product line AX, GP, NAV, RMS to D365 F&O or Business Central

  • Dynamics Extensions: Sell the Industry and Module based extensions/ add-on that you have developed to the new customers in new markets

  • Payroll: Localised payroll

  • IP development opportunity: Develop new Add-on app, move to CfMD and increase the valuation of your company

  • Trainings and workshops: to measure the success of current implementation

  • Roll outs: to new locations, branches

  • Move them to Cloud

  • New IT opportunities: SharePoint, O365, T&M, Mobility etc.

  • Reference: Happy customers are always a good reference and a gateway to the new market/ industry

So if you are a Dynamics partner or freelancer consultant and looking for opportunities with the existing Dynamics user base, reach out to us for more details on the our Membership Program that assures 20X-50X (minimum) return on your investment. We will cherry-pick and provide information relevant to your area of interest, like: Customers using AX, NAV or GP, Specific Industy, Year of implementation (range 2000 - 2015), Not suported by any other partner, country specific etc.

Dynamics ERP Leads