Qualifed ERP Leads

We believe that providing leads without qualification are of little value. This is so because the chances of taking it into the next level becomes a challenge, which means waste of time and money. At Precise ERP Leads we qualify leads based on various criteria's, BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Time) is the most commonly used qualification technique, but our experience tells us that BANT isn't enough anymore,  todays customers are much more informed and 57% of decision making process takes place before meeting the sales person, considering this there are other important qualifiers that sales need to know to prepare their selling strategies in the account, we try to get as much information as possible to further qualify the leads, like  Reason for this new project, client type (sophisticated IT users, previous ERP exposure), their customers, challenges with the current system, negative implications and positive effects of negating current challenges, competition, locations, country specific requirements, decision makers and influencers etc.

If you sell and implement ERP solutions, let us know the area of your interest and we will be happy to support with our programs the guarantee 20-50X of your return on investment, to know more: