ERP Lead Generation and Marketing Services are complex discipline and require an all-round approach. All the various instruments need to work with each other in the right sequence and with the correct timings and quantities to best deliver a relevant response and tangible ROI.

Lead generation is an ongoing challenge of quantity versus quality and how the sales follows up the lead.  We like to compare it to fishing, there may be several lakes of leads that all look the same, but some are responsive where the fish are biting and others simply don't provide the quality or responsiveness essential for effective lead generation

We very well understand how the ERP sales prospecting works and our well-trained lead generation warriors with the help of our strategic market research team could find the right ERP battlefields for your sales champion to conquer.


Our ERP lead generation services fall into these three buckets:

Precise Dynamics Leads

Connecting Dynamics Customers with the right Dynamics Partners

Looking for new qualified ERP leads, we can help

Qualified ERP Leads

Support your ERP sales effort through our cost effective leads outsourcing services

Oursourcing Services